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     When approving invoices from construction companies, lenders often find themselves at an impasse when it comes to underwriting the approval of draw payments from a general contractor.  Often third-party perspective is needed to understand the percentage of completion of a given residential or commercial construction project.    

Atlanta Construction Inspection

     A qualified inspection company can be engaged in providing the service of regularly inspecting the project, and assessing how much work has been completed by comparing it to the draw amount, also known as a pay application (pay app).

Georgia Construction

     The bank draw inspection evaluates the overall accuracy of the draw request, the phase(s) of visible completion to date, any stored building materials on site, and several other parameters, including:


• Overall description of the project
• State of completion for each phase of construction
• Estimated completion schedule and timing outlook
• Overall conditions and any possible concerns with regard to the quality of work and timing
• Stored material on-site
• Verification of permits required to be on-site
• Complete set of digital photos indicating work completed

• Suggestions for future payments based on inspection results

     When engaged by a commercial lender our bank draw inspections, usually conducted on a monthly basis (or as needed), include a site inspection and a narrative-based memo with photographs, which can assist the lender in determining the appropriate release of funds.

Bank Draw Inspections
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