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Should I get a Pre-Listing Inspection

     For a buyer in a real estate transaction, the inspection report is the biggest tool they have in terms of having to negotiate repairs and/or a price reduction, giving them the upper hand in the negotiation after you’re under contract. As a seller, you can tip the scale back to your favor by having a pre-listing inspection done, which will help minimize surprises and ensure the likelihood of smooth sailing when it comes to the eventual sale of your home. Below are a few of the ways that having a pre-listing inspection performed prior to going to market can benefit you and the sale of your home or building.

  • Identify Problems Upfront

There’s nothing more demoralizing than getting your house ready to sell, pricing it accordingly, only to realize in a month when the buyer has an inspection performed that it needs $10k worth of repairs. Having no surprises when you finally take the step to put your home on the market can make for an infinitely smoother transaction.

  • Potentially Higher Asking Price

Should significant repairs be discovered and completed it may be an option to incorporate the price of the repairs into the sale price.

  • The Ability to Move Faster to Closing

If repairs have already been identified, the back and forth negotiation process should be considerably less.

  • Lower Chance of Repairs Requested by Buyer

With a pre-inspection performed it’s all the more less likely that a buyer will ask for additional repairs to be done since the seller has likely corrected any major deal breakers.

  • Confidence

If a seller has done everything humanly possible to get their home ready to sell, they should feel empowered with a sense of confidence when working with any potential buyer knowing that they’ve done everything possible to mitigate any possible repair-related glitches.

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