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    The most common problem with many sewer lines is backups caused by the combination of old cast iron sewer lines and tree roots. Tree roots are attracted to the rich nutrients found in sewer pipe systems and can grow into plumbing lines through even the smallest crack and may continue to grow over time. They eventually lead to blockages, overflows, and in some cases heavily damaged lines.


    The only way to accurately diagnose a sewer line problem is with a professional sewer line inspection. A camera can show the home buyer several important things that can help you plan ahead and avoid further damage.

    A licensed and trained plumber only should perform a video sewer line inspection as they understand what they're looking for on the video feed, and if a problem is detected and found to be on the city’s side of the line, a licensed plumber is the only one who can submit the proper report to the city for repair of the public sewer line.

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    In an effort to help deliver expanded inspection services such as these, we recommend Double D Plumbing for sewer line inspections. They are available for appointments at your earliest convenience at 770-466-8370, or at the company website above.

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